Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing software package that can be used by experts and ... The version used for this tutorial is Adobe Photoshop CC.

Introduction to Photoshop 
What's new in Photoshop
Adjustment panel , Masks panel
Advanced compositing, Canvas rotation, Smoother panning and zooming 
Better raw processing in camera Raw , Improved light room work flow , Powerful printing option , 3d acceleration 
Compressive 3d tools , High performance on very large images ., Menu commands in Photoshop, Using the start menu , Using shortcut
Menu command, Edit menu , File menu, Image menu, Layer menu, Select menu, Filter menu , Analysis menu , 3D menu , View menu , Help menu
Tools of Photoshop CC
Rectangular marquees, Move tool , Lasso tool, Magic tool, Cropping tool , Slice tool, Brush tools
Clone stamp tool , History brush tool , Eraser tool , Paint bucker tool, Dodge tool , Path component selection tool, Type tool , Pen tool , Rectangular tool , Notes tool
Eyedropper tool, Hand tool , Zoom tool
Understanding colors
Rgb model , CYMK model , CIE lab , Working models, Bitmap mode , Indexed colors
Using transformations
Resizing an Image, Resizing a canvas , Resizing a selection, Rotating
Using paints Color tools , Color picker, The color Platte , The swatches Platte , Adding new colors 
Saving Foreground as a Swatch Blending modes, Normal , Dissolve, Multiply, Behind , Screen , Overlay 
Hard light, Soft light, Darken , Color dodge , Color burn, Lighten , Exclusion , Difference, Hue 
Saturation , Color, Luminosity, Sledges , Focus tools , The toning tools, Different media , Water colors , Oil painting , Pencil filters , Chalk and charcoal filters
Using layers and masks 
Layers , Creating a anew layer , Hiding and showing of layers, Working with multiple layers, Merging layers , Layers effects 
Quick mask , Adding mask to layer, Editing layer masks , Removing layer masks
Adding text to picture
Layer effects, Glow effect, Bevel and emboss
Adding actions
Recording an action , Running an action, Creating a vignette effects, Creating buttons
Restoring images
Combining two images , Restoring the damaged areas , Applying the sepia tone , Modifications of pictures. 
Using drop shadow and reflections 
Creating background , Creating a light source, Shadowing an image , Creating multiple light screens, Live effect and banding ., Finally.
D tools and applications
3D in Photoshop , 3D files supported by Photoshop , Creating 3D objects in Photosho,p Using the 3D camera
Filters of Photoshop CC
Sharpen , Blur filters , Gaussian blurs , Radial blur , Smart blur , Motion blur
Artistic filters Colored pencils, Cutout filters, Dry brush , Film grain, Fresco , Neon glow , Paints daubs 
Platte knife, Poster edges , Rough pastels , Smudge sticks, Sponge 
Brush stroke filters
Accented edges , Angles strokes , Crosshatch, Dark strokes, Ink outlines , Spatter, Sprayed strokes , Sumi-e , Distort filters 
Diffuse glow filters, Glass filters, Stained glass filters , Tiles